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Individual Freedoms

Press release Publication of the report on the situation of individual liberties in 2019

For the third consecutive year, the Civil Collective for Individual Liberties shares with you its annual report “the state of individual liberties in Tunisia during the year 2019”. This report, jointly prepared by the members of the Collective, identifies and analyzes the abuses and the achievements related to the exercise of these liberties.


First of all, the report looks back on the main abuses of individual liberties during 2019. These violations documented and reported by the associations’ members of the Collective, have their origins in the discriminatory tendencies; particularly those against women and LGBTQI+ persons. In fact, during all the year 2019, women have been victims of a particular fierce fighting depriving them of their fundamental rights of free choice of spouse and the freedom of access to contraceptive and abortion services; LGBTQI+ persons and people living with HIV have been victims of a continued police, judicial and media harassment.

The report further sets out the violations against the rights of minors and children, plus the barriers to the legitimate exercise of fundamental rights, such as the access to justice and the free exercise of religious worship.

Secondly, the report highlights certain achievements in the field of the exercise of individual liberties, and this at the legislative, regulatory, institutional and jurisdictional levels. But, these achievements suffer from a major disability preventing their sustainability and/or their realization, due to the increasingly damaging absence of the Constitutional Court. The report does not omit to focus on the dynamic of the civil society in the implementation of individual liberties as much as by its observatory actions and advocacy as by its field activities

Besides, the report lists a state of the challenges and priorities for the year 2020, challenges and priorities dictated by a post-elections period particularly marked by a populism which targeted repeatedly minorities and their rights which are played down according to a hierarchical approach of rights and liberties, an approach against which the Collective fights with determination.

Finally, the Collective takes the opportunity of the publication of its report in order to remind that the security measures taken as part of the coronavirus pandemic and in the aim of limiting the contagion, present a risk of providing a fertile ground for the violation of rights and individual liberties.

Although necessary and justified in most of the cases, these measures threaten to disrupt the exercise of our rights and liberties by exacerbating the will of resorting to their prioritization by the authorities. The situation we are living and the paradigms that structure our responses to this one, then, confirm the relevance of this report and make it even more topical.



The Civil Collective for Individual Liberties



Tuesday, April 21, 2020